Wholesale Dairy Products

Import, Export and Trading of cheese, milk, flavoured milk and more

At SDA we are specialised in dairy. We can offer a broad range of dairy products, such as sterilized milk, flavored full cream milk, cheese, and butter and take care of the import and export all over the world. Through our network you will gain access to all major production regions around the world and our buying power will help you to be competitive in your market.

We deliver our Milk products to AfricaAsiaCaribbeanMiddle EastUnited KingdomIreland and mainland Europe. In short, worldwide shipping to any port.

Our main customers are active in the following food sectors: Industry , WholesaleFoodservice & Retail.

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Dairy Product List

As an expert in dairy export and import, we offer a wide product portfolio. Our label covers a wide range of sterilized milk, flavoured milk and powder milk. Full cream quality and the ease of using a re-sealable bottle are unique selling points of this range.

Milk Products

Plain milk
UHT milk
Soy milk
Flavoured milk
Low fat milk powder
Whole milk powder
Demineralized Whey Powder
Traditional milk

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Hard Cheese & Semi Hard Cheese

Type: Sterilised full cream milk drink
Origin: Argentina
Shelf life: 12 months
Package: 0,5 liter per bottles
Processing type: sterilized milk

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