Sugar ICUMSA 150


Cane Sugar: ICUMSA 150

Origin: Brazil

Color: Sparkling White

Polarization at 20’C: 99.70% Max

Crop: Current Crop



Wholesale Refined Sugar ICUMSA 150

Import, Export and Trading of Sugar ICUMSA 150

Are you interested in sparkling refined white ICUMSA 150? At Sino dos Alpes Food Trading we are specialiZed in the supply of high quality, ICUMSA sugar products such as ICUMSA 150.

As an international supplier of ICUMSA 150, we take care of the export and import all over the world in major customer regions.

We deliver our products and services to our importers in the following food sectors:

  • industry
  • wholesale suppliers
  • foodservice distributors
  • retail


Packaging sizes can be tailored made for wholesale and retail purposes in order to meet buyers requirements. Many of our refined white sugar and raw brown sugar are available with strictly controlled international standard certification.

General Product Appearance: Refined Sugar ICUMSA 150

(this includes ICUMSA 100 to ICUMSA 150). Also called Crystal Sugar

Cane Sugar : ICUMSA 150
Origin : Brazil
Color : Sparking White
Polarization at 20’C : 99.70% Min
Ash Content : 0.04% Max
Moisture : 0.04% Max
Reducing sugar : 0.05% Max by Weight
Solubility : 100% dry and Free Flowing
Sediments : None
Smell : Free of any Smell
Granulation : Fine to Medium
Magnetic Particles : 4 Mg/K SO2 70Mg/k
SO2 Content : 20 Mg/Kg Min
Radiation : within international accepted limits
Crop : Current Crop



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