CONTACT is the trading site of BRF Investimentos LTDA.

    Commercial sales

    SINO will never ask customers to deposit payments in a non-Comercial bank account.

    Employment offers

    SINO will not ask for money, processing fees, or bank information as a pre-condition of employment. 

    To be considered for employment, please submit your information through our Careers section

    Gifts to individuals

    SINO and the Foundations we support do not make gifts or award grants to individuals or the general public. Any information about cash aid, gifts, or grants distributed by SINO or a SINO Foundation to the general public is false, regardless of where it appears.

    Our Offices and Address:

    SDA Alimentos Integrated Slaughterhouse

    Rua Reinaldo Noschang 290 Centro

    8547 Bom Retiro do Sul RS Cep: 95870-000

    SDA Alimentos Administrative Office 1

    Rua Jorge Tzachel 475 Andar 4 Sala 03

    Fazenda Itajai SC Cep: 88.301-600

    SDA Alimentos Administrative Office 2

    Av Dra Ruth Cardoso 8501 Andar 1 Sala 1

    Pinheiros, São Paulo SP Cep 05425-070