• Product: Milk Powder
  • Type: Whole milk powder and Skimmed Milk powder
  • Origin: Argentina
  • Shelf life: 12-18 months
  • Pack: 250-2500g small bags and 1000 kg big bags
  • Spec: LDPE multilayer bags
  • Processing type:
  • Certification: HACCP | IFS | ISO 9001


Wholesale Milk Powder

Import, Export and Trading of milk powder

Why choosing all the time the same? There is too many choice! SHB offers you an extra range of powder milk for all the moments.

Be surprised by the extra quality! At SHB we have powder milk available both as Whole and Low fat milk powder.

When stored at temperatures ≤ 25°C and humidity ≤ 75%, our powder milk is has a shelf-life between 12-18 months. Our milk powder is packed in pouches/bags and available in a capacity range of 250–2500 g and large bags of 1000kg. In addition, sachets with smaller capacities are also available to provide convenient single-serve portions of up to 35 g.

As an international trader of whole and skimmed milk powder, SHB take care of the export all over the world and we sourced our powder milk from Argentina.

We deliver our Milk products to AfricaAsiaCaribbeanMiddle EastUnited KingdomIreland and Europe. In short, worldwide shipping to any port.

Our main customers are active in the following food sectors: Industry , WholesaleFoodservice & Retail.

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i) Whole milk powder

ii) Skimmed milk powder (low fat)

Demineralized Whey Powder


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