Sino dos Alpes Informs We are incorporated with one of the largest food companies in the world, and, aware of our responsibility amidst the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we have intensified courses of action to ensure the health and safety of all people involved in our operational context, and their families as well. We are part of a vivid, long and complex chain. In this regard, producing and distributing food is even more essential right now. We believe that ensuring safe working conditions for our personnel and other members of…

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FAQs: Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on Sino dos Alpes orders

Many distributors in China and around the world are still safely running, while focusing on public health and workers’ well-being. To learn more about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your order to China, see answers to the frequently asked questions we’ve received. Question 1: How will my order be impacted by the recent 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak? ANSWER: Every distributor(final buyer) in China is different. Your order will not necessarily be impacted, but it depends on the unique situation of the distributor you’re working with. If your distributor…

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